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Predator X
Predator X.jpg


"Pliosaurus funkei"


Late Jurassic


15 Metres





Predator X (now called Pliosaurus Funkei) was a deadly giant. Measuring a collosal 15 Metres long, and over ruled the Jurassic Seas. Scientific discovery has confirmed this creature may have had a bite four times more powerful than that of Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was discovered near the Arctic in 2008. Evidence suggests this sea monster must have cruised past using four flippers, using the back two for additional speed when attacking its prey. Recently its size was reduced to 10-13 meters long, which would still make it much larger than its relative Liopleurodon which was about 6.4 meters in length.

It was usually able to outswim its prey by a fractional amount. However, if it could not reach its intended prey animal within a few seconds the animals would probably escape into a shallow lagoon where Predator X couldn't follow.