Paralatitan 1


'Tidal Giant'


Late Cretaceous


26 Metres




North Africa

Paralititan was a giant sauropod that was shown in the Episode "New Giants". Within the episode a certain member of their herd were attacked by a Sarcosuchus and Carcharodontosaurus. It was a 45t beast and the heavy weight of North Africa. However, the prime food of keen predators such as Carcharodontosaurus. It was only recently in 2000 that this sauropod was discovered; also Africa was the gap within the Predator Prey relationship around the world, and as soon as Paralititan was discovered, ironically African carnivores were also discovered soon after. Even though this giant was reliant on its size, the place of which they are happy to find (and also quite rare in Africa) , is a danger. Infact detailed evidence suggests that Sarcosuchus, a giant killer Crocodile, was lurking within the misty waters. Another danger was that Spinosaurus, another large fish eating predator would hunt Onchopristis near lake shores. Therefore Paralititan had a rough evolution, of what presumably was the gap and the non important continent in the Cretaceous.