Oviraptor is a relatively small theropod dinosaur which lived in what is now the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, during the Late Cretaceous Period n [85-75] m[75-65] million years ago. Oviraptor means "Egg Thief" because when paleontologist found a nearly complete skeleton of an Oviaptor surrounding a clutch of eggs, they believed it was stealing the eggs. However, further analysis revealed that Oviraptor was guarding its own eggs! This was because the eggs were oval shaped like all theropod eggs and that the mother Oviraptor was protecting the eggs during a sandstorm. The find was also solid proof that theropod dinosaurs layed over its eggs like a modern bird. Oviraptor was also more avian-like than other theropods: It had large eye sockets, a hooked beak with relatively long forlimbs and back limbs with relatively long claws and a small body sporting a thin tail. It would have also sported long feathers like modrn birds. Though Oviraptor had no teeth, it had two small bony projections sticking from its upper jaw. Some species of Oviraptorids also sported a destinctive hadrosaur-like crest atop its head. The head crest was probably brightly colored. It probably used by male Oviraptors as a display to attract mates who may have had a smaller crest. Small stones or gastoliths found in the stomach contents of Caudipteryx, a close relative to the Oviraptorids, prove that Oviraptor and its kind ate mostly plants. Though the bony projections in its mouth and long arms and claws suggest that Oviraptor may have still been a nest raider and a carnivore. It may have lived in herds or harems. Oviraptor also shared the same arid environment with veloceraptor, shuuvia, therozinosaurus, saurinothoides, pinacosaurus, protoceratops and many other desert dwellers of Late Cretaceous Mongolia. Oviraptor appears in the episode "Feathered Dragons" where one is seen eating some plants, but its attention is caught by an unguarded nest of a mother Saurornithoides. It eventually raids it and manages to steal two eggs before fleeing when the mother returns. It reappears in the episode "The Great Survivors" where a group are scared off by an Alectrosaurus and later, a female Gigantoraptor which is guarding her nest. After a rainstorm, another group approaches the Gigantoraptor nest, this time with the male guarding it. Once again, the Oviraptors flee. Later, another one tries to steal some eggs from the nest while the male is fighting a pair of Alectrosaurus, but is later driven off.
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