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Name Meaning:

'Brave Lizard'


Late Cretaceous


23ft(7 meters)


3 tonnes


Africa, South America


Waterplants, ferns

Ouranosaurus is a large iguanodontid that lived in what is now North Africa during the Late Cretaceous Period. Ouranosaurus is famous for its large dorsal spines, that may have been used as a natural sail to regulate body temperature, and its flat, duck-like beak. As an iguanodontid, Ouranosaurus also possessed a sharp thumb spike as its first digit. However, these attributes were useless against large carnivores, which made Ouranosaurus a main source food for Carcharodontosaurus and Spinosaurus. In fact, Ouranosaurus's name alone means "courageous lizard" because it lived in a habitat filled with large predators. To protect themselves, Ouranosaurus would stay together in their herd and always servey the area for any predators. If alone and vulnerable from being ambushed, Ouranosaurus would make quick dashes toward the protection of its herd, or simply to run as long as possible until its persuer tires.[100-89]

the main predator that hunted it was carcharodontosaurus, a 13 metre long predator larger than t-rex