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Kt meteor

The K-T Meteorite is the famous Asteroid that slamed into earth 65 million years ago, wiping out the dinosaurs and giving our Mammal ancestors a chance to step out of the dinosaur's shadow and start a dynasty of their own.

Kt meteor small
Meteor impact

Seconds after impact.

Because of the sheer size of this Meteor, once impact had happened, released more energy than a million atomic bombs! Not even the Dinosaurus could resist this giant killer.

It struck the area that is know the Gulf of Mexico, however, not even the impact was the worst, infact tonnes of debris was released into the planets atmosphere, and covered it like a blanket, blocking out the sun, making the Earth cold. This lasted for months on end. Ths made the food chain collapse, destroying almost all life on Earth.The Dinosaurs were fully wiped out, 95% of birds were killed, 90% of Mammals were gone, along with 40% of the insects, and finally 15% of the amphibians. However, the Dinosaurs were determined to their destiny because of their size, no land animal weighing more than 25kg survived because of no food to sustain the large animals. Because of being so unique, this only condemed them to their death.