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The Jurassic was the golden Dinosaur decade, many argue that the Cretaceous brang more interesting Dinosaurus;

Jurassic period

nevertheless, the Jurassic was the true birth of the giants, one of the most famous sauropods, Brachiosaurus evolved here, the Jurassic was the footprints to a golden age.

The Jurassic Period is a section of time within the Dinosaurs era, Mesozoic. The Period consisted of unusual and different variations of Dinosaurs. The Period was long, and the giant continent, known as Pangea shifted apart, to create different unique ways of evolution. The Period lasted for a massive 54.1 Million Years, starting at 199.6, and eventually ending at 145.5 Million Years Ago. The massive space of time gave life to the true dinosaurs, massive predators such as Allosaurus, evolved into giant killers of the Cretaceous. Stegosaurus lived in the grassy plains and the deserty landscapes.