'Lizard from Jehol'


Early Cretaceous


71.1 Centimertres





Jeholosaurus is a small sized bipedal ornithoschian dinosaur discovered in Jehol, China. It lived in what is now China during the Early Cretaceous Period. Jeholosaurus had distinctive large eye sockets and muffled cheek bones. Like many small bipedal herbivores of its kind, Jeholosaurus relayed on its keen sense of sight, hearing and agility to avoid predators. Fossil evidence of Jeholosaurus hatchlings alongside adult ones have proven that the small Chinese dinosaur cared for its young. However, there are always risks to take. In the episode "Feathered Dragons", a lone female Jeholosaurus confronts at Sinornithosaurus an attempt to scare it while her hatchlings flee to safety. However two more Sinornithosauruses appear to assist their pack member to take out the Jeholosaurus. Surrounded and quickly weakened by the trio's venomous bite, the mother had no chance to escape and becomes the pack's prized meal. Ironically, despite being in a episode about dinosaur feathers and having feathers itself. Jeholosaurus was shown with scales.

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