Gasparinisaura is a genus of Hypsilophodont dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of Argentina. Gasparinisaura made a brief appearence in the Episode "New Giants" and were shown living along side the giant Argentinosaurus. Hypsilophodonts, like Gasparinisaura were one of many animals that where found fossilized in the footprint of a large Sauropod, when the animals had to cross a volcanic ashfield, the large Sauropod's footprints would have turned the ground beneath them into quicksand, meaning any animal that fell in the footprint met a drowning death. This scenario was portrayed in Planet Dinosaur. The Hypsilophodont was not identified by the narrator, however it is identified on the Planet Dinosaur game, here the player can play as Gasparinisaura, dodging Argentinosaurus' footprints on a volcanic ashfield (as in Planet Dinosaur). The game is currently available on the BBC One website.
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