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Nigel Paterson


Nigel Paterson

Original Air Date:

28 September 2011

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Episode 3 of the Planet Dinosaur Series.


75 Million Years Ago in Canada a hungry Daspletosaurus hunts a Chasmosaurus in a forest, however the element of suprise is lost, and eventually it is forced to retreat. Soon after this, the Chasmosaurus is hunted by a juvenile Daspletosaurus, only to be in grave danger as a whole pack of the tyrannosaurids help the ambush.

The episode changes its scene to the Artic; a sub species of Troodon (which were much bigger) start hunting an Edmontosaurus. The theropods attack at the mid of night, they seperate the juvenile from the heard, leaving it severely injured, the Troodon are only to be driven away by an adult. The next morning the pack return to feast upon the carcass of the juvenile; it died over night.

The episode switches back to the Daspletosaurus hunting the Chasmosaurus, fortunatley for the tyrannosaurids they finally kill it with a powerful bite. The larger young Daspletosaurus are ruled off by the older adults.

The episode changes scenes to Madagascar, where a Majungasaurus and her two babies chase off Rahonavis from a carcass. Nevertheless temporarily the Majungasaurs are driven off themselves as a male stands in, however as the male steals a section of food from a baby, the female attacks im madly. The young feed off it canabalisticly.

The episode changes back to North America where the Daspletosaurus are waiting for the annual migration of Centrosaurus.