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Feathered Dragons
Feathered dragons


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Nigel Paterson


Nigel Paterson

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21st September 2011

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Episode 2 of the Planet Dinosaur Series.


The episode starts of with a setting within the late Jurassic, in a forest where it is now China. A small feathered Epidexipteryx escapes swiftly and luckily from a juvenile Sinraptor, Sinraptor is a powerful carnivore. It luckily esaceps the predator by climbing up a tree. Infact, the Epidexipteryx turns out better off as it finds a small Beetle Grub in the tree bark. It is shown capturing this small food reward by using its elognated long fingers to fish it out; this technique is similar to that of the modern day Aye-Aye. Nevertheless its prey is stolen by a larger Epidexipteryx, only to have a short session of posturing the smaller individual dinosaur goes to find more food. This time however, it is again not rewarded with its prize as it drops to the floor. Stupidly another, different, Epidexipteryx runs to collect the food, to only be taken by suprise by a juvenile Sinraptor (of which may of been the same one seen earlier).

The episode changes its scene to a desert in Mongolia (late Cretaceous). A Saurornithoides is shown raising a nest of eggs. When it leaves the nest an Oviraptor comes and rades it and fless when the Saurinthoides returns. Suddenly a shock appearence from a most unusual Gigantoraptor, a giant oviraptorid, snatches the egg raiser violently, later on the Gigantoraptor continues its mating process. They are said to use their feathers for display and attraction, a fight breaks out between two males letting the female choose the stronger one.

Once again the episode changes, finally we have reached China in the Cretaceous. Here a lizard named Xianglong is being hunted by the most unusual Microraptor. The four-winged Microraptor pursuits the gliding lizard using its feathered like bird wings, nevertheless, Microraptor can only glide. Instead though the hunter becomes the hunted as Microratpors unique tree climbing ability is stripped when a Sinornithosaurus attacks the small dinosaur. It is forced to the ground, and makes an incredibly lucky escape, as Microraptors legs are useless. After this incident, along with two other members of its species, Sinornithosaurus hunts down a Jeholosaurus group. The pack take down the adult and their supposedly venomous bite could let Sinornithosaurus take down much larger creatures than themselves. Dinosaurs may still live amongst us today, as birds...