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Lost World
Lost world


95 Million Years Ago


Nigel Paterson


Nigel Paterson and Tom Brass

Original Air Date:

14th September 2011

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Episode 1 of the Planet Dinosaur Series.


The episode starts within a swamp in North Africa, where a herd of Ouranosaurus are worried of a nearby Spinosaurus. Nevertheless it is all as not seems as it slowly walks away, ignoring the herd. Instead it heads off to hunt a type of sawfish named Onchopristis; of which are migrating into freshwater, exactly where the Spinosaurus wants them. The killer snatches a few, before letting Rugops, a scavenger, take sections of them.

The episode cuts to two Carcharodontosaurus, who are fighting to gain their right to hunt the herd of Ouranosaurus. The winner, stalks and kills a member of the herd. The episode setting changes to a Spinosaurus habitat, of where a deadly drought is taking place, a small unidentified Crocodilian walks out of an almost dried up river bed, and witnesses the fright of the Spinosaurus. Seconds after, a terrifying giant Crocodile named Sarcosuchus appears from the remains of the river. It soons spooks the Spinosaurus, and unsuprisingly is forced to hunt on land. It kills and devours a Pterosaur of kinds, and then once again finds the a herd of Ouranosaurus. Picking up a scent from a kill, the monster discovers the mighty Carcharadontosaurus. The fight for the dead carcass was of epic proportions. However, Spinosaurus came out on top, although it had major damage to its unique spine. John Hurt (the Narrator) explains that soon rising sea levels destroyed the rivers where Spinosaurus hunted, eventually this lead them to there great and final extinction.