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Spinosaurus vs Carcharodontosaurus[]

A starving spinosaurus sees a Carcharodontosaurus eating ouranosaurus.

The Spinosaurus attacks with claws , but the Carcharodontosaurus bites the spine of the rival, then the Spinosaurus gives a blow with claws on the face of his opponent, making Carcharodontosaurus exit and leave the carcass of a Ouranosaurus for Spinosaurus .However, the injury in the spine ends up killing the Spinosaurus

Winner: Spinosaurus

Juvenile Epidexipteryx vs Adult Epidexipteryx[]

the fight starts when the young taking a beetle larvae, then a greater reach and eat the larvae and begin to display the feathers and the largest pursues the lowest.

Then the smaller drops a larvae on the forest floor, the largest descends the tree, eat the larvae that fell but a Sinraptor kills.


Male Majungasaurus vs Female Majungasaurus[]

The female is feeding on a carcass with her cubs when the male comes and scares the female and the cubs go cubs go, but when the male comes close to a cub, the female bites him in the neck with violent and the male dies and becomes fodder for she and her kids

Winner: Majungasaurus female

Allosaurus vs Saurophaganax[]

The Allosaurus just kill a Camptosaurus but a Saurophaganax ends and growls, as it is higher than the alossauro.Então Saurophaganax bites the head of Allosaurus, reaching almost kill, then the Allosaurus left, while the Saurophaganax gets the carcass