Daspletosaurus 1


'Frightful Lizard'


Late Cretaceous


9 Metres




North America

Daspletosaurus (meaning "Frightful Lizard"), was a large and deadly member of the Tyrannosaur species. Measuring around 30 feet in length and weighing a massive 3 tonnes, Daspletosaurus was surely an apex predator in its ecosystem. It reigned supreme 10 million years before Tyrannosaurus dominated the landscape as the apex predator. Although it seems it was the largest predator in its ecosystem, it was rivaled by other large predators, notably Albertosaurus and Gorgosaurus. Daspletosaurus had large teeth that were among the biggest within the Tyrannosaur family, only smaller than the teeth of a Tyrannosaurus. It used its large and alarming jaws to bring down and kill prey, as its arms were tiny compared to other theropods, rendering them utterly useless. Their prey may have consisted of Ceratopsians and Hadrosaurs, such as Centrosaurus and Hypacrosaurus. It is possible that Daspletosaurus lived and fought among groups, judging from bite marks on Daspletosaurus skulls. [77-73]

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