'Flexible Lizard'


Late Jurassic


7.9 Metres




North America

Camptosaurus was a meduim sized ornithischian dinosaur that lived during the Late Jurassic Period. These semi bipedal/ quadrapedal herbivores were known to live within herds of Stegosaurus; in fact we have significant evidence that the two unrelated herbivores worked as a team of sorts. This social teamwork was to protect themselves from threatening carnivores, as North America in the Jurassic was home to the biggest carnivores to evolve at the time such as Saurophaganax. Sporting a surprisingly large brain, Camptosaurus had a keen sense of vision and hearing, allowing it to percieve predators in the distance. Camptosaurus was also lightly built to run on two legs, making Camptosaurus a very agile animal to catch. It is thought the Camptosaurus would notice or spot the predators and call out a loud scream to warn other members of the herd. The Camptosaurus would then run to safety while the more massive stegosaurus would fend of the attackers. However, a lone Camptosaurus can be vulnerable to predators without the protection of Stegosaurus.[150-144]

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