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Ammonite Squad


'Ammonis Cornua'


Late Jurassic







Ammonites were saw swimming at the very beggining of Fight for Life. Ammonites are a unique and common section of the fossil records. Infact because they are so ancient, they are one of the most commonest fossils in the world. They originate from the Devonian, and lived until around 65.5 Million Years Ago, around the end of the Dinosaurs era. They are unique within their structure; length cannot be measured officially, as their are many different types, and they are an unusual shape. Ammonites were free-swimming molluscs of the ancient oceans, living around the same time that the dinosaurs walked the Earth and before as explained earlier. They came in a range of sizes, from tiny species only a couple of centimetres across, to large ones reaching over two metres in diameter. The animal would have lived in the last and largest of a chain of spiralled chambers. Filling these chambers with fluid or gas allowed the ammonite to sink like a stone to avoid predators, though ammonite shells with toothmarks on them have been found, evidence that it didn't always work. Fossilised shells are usually, however not always, beautiful spirals. The species that was featured on Planet Dinosaur was Ammonis cornua.